Girls Speak Out was established with the aim of developing the computer literacy and advocacy voice of young women living in under-served communities around Zimbabwe and help them design innovative tech solutions that spark community activism, and break cycles of poverty.

We envision communities where young women are technologically empowered and are at the forefront of advocacy and activism, helping to spark social change.

We want to teach, support and encourage girls in disadvantaged communities to take up careers in the ICT, Computer Programming & Digital Journalism and strengthen their leadership capacity, and advocacy skills.

Our classrooms help young women understand the importance of learning and choosing careers in ICT and STEM and how it improves their opportunities not only for employment but for job creation.

The program encourages and promotes freedom of expression and builds the self-esteem of the young women. Our media and advocacy classes help the girls to learn communications skills and ultimately how to be voices for their communities and self.

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